C.C.JENSEN – the global leader in oil maintenance with more than 65 years of experience – designs and manufactures CJC® Offline Oil Filtration solutions for removal of particles, water, acidity and oil degradation products (varnish) from hydraulic oils, lube oils, gear oils, diesel fuels etc.

Our CJC® Filter Inserts are made of 100% natural cellulose fibres from sustainable resources: No metal, no plastics, and no chemicals.

CJC® Filters unique features are as follows: 

  • 3 in 1 clean oil solution
  • Fine filtration with rating of 3 micron absolute
  • Highest dirt holding capacity in the market
  • Plug and play for fast installation and operation
  • Modular design to fit all equipment sizes
  • Simple design for easy maintenance
  • Durable construction for long life and hostile environment
  • Online and remote oil condition monitoring
  • Fast return on investment

Economical - Easy - Effortless - Practical - Effective - Powerful - Purifying

3 in 1 Clean Oil Solution

Research shows that 80% of oil related failures and breakdowns are caused by contaminated oil! The 3 main oil contaminants are particles, water and varnish.

With just a single unit, CJC® filter removes all 3 contaminants ensuring continuous clean and dry oil, increased uptime, extended component and oil lifetime, resulting in increased production and savings on the maintenance costs. Savings on energy costs are also realized from smooth running machinery.

The unit also can remove acidity from the oil, thus becoming a 4 in 1 solution filter unit.

3 micron absolute filtration

CJC® filter insert has micron rating of 3 absolute and 0.8 nominal. This is fine filtration!

Studies have shown a direct correlation between fine filtration and equipment uptime. The smaller the particles removed, the longer the machine uptime.

highest dirt holding capacity

CJC® filter insert has the highest dirt holding capacity in the market. What does this mean for our customer? 

Extended usage of filter insert and less maintenance intervention. Savings on filter insert and labour costs are some of the realized benefits.

Plug and Play

CJC® filter is simple and fast to install and doesn’t need presetting nor priming to start. Also doesn’t require special tools to operate it.

So easy to install even customers can do on their own, doesn’t need to spend on costly training, and can quickly set up and realize the benefits of clean oil

Modular Design

CJC® filter design is modular allowing the filter to accommodate various sizes and applications of lubricating oil systems.

CJC® filter available in mobile version or permanent installation. It was quite versatile and even works on highly viscous oil of more than ISO VG1000.

Durable Construction

CJC® filter construction is durable for robust application. It was meant to operate 24/7 continuously and design to last more than 30 years. It is perfect for permanent installation at the site of the equipment

There are many early model that was built and installed in 60s are still in operation.

Simple Design

CJC® filter design is simple and practical. With only pump and motor as the moving part, the filter is almost maintenance free. The pump used mainly is gear pump which was known to be very reliable. 

The only maintenance is the filter insert change, which typically performed once a year.

4 Models to Choose From

The most economical to remove particles, water and varnish.

CJC® HDU is a the most economical model and works for most of the applications. It is able to removes particles, water and varnish.  Depending on filter insert types used, HDU model can remove all water regardless of its states in the oil. However, due to absorption method used (by the filter insert), there is a limit to the amount of water it can removes before you need to change the filter insert. 

Similar to HDU but with the capability to remove free water continuously.

CJC® PTU will works similar as HDU removing particles, water and varnish except that the water removal method will be by a coalescer unit sit under the filter. Therefore, PTU model is suitable if the machine has the problem of continuous water ingress.

Similar to HDU but with the capability to remove huge amount of stubborn varnish

CJC® VRU was developed to solve the growing varnish problems facing by equipment such as gas turbine and etc. Due to higher operating temperature, the amount of varnish generated from this equipment is so severe that sometimes our HDU unit unable to cope. VRU model remains a 3 in 1 solution which can remove particles, water and varnish. The only difference is that the amount of varnish removed is so much more which can be up to 70% in just a single pass. VRU is equipped with chiller, special filter insert and PLC system to intelligently optimize the process of varnish removal.

Specially designed with the capability  to remove continuous emulsified water

CJC® DESORBER is patented model designed to remove water from oil types which either bind and emulsify water or are high viscosity oil (up to ISO VG 1000). The DESORBER model is ideal for use in applications in which water ingress is a continuous and significant problem, whether for lubrication oil, gear oil or hydraulic oil.

Oil is the life blood of the machine. Contaminants such as particles, water and varnish can ruin the oil and cause damage to the machine. In the past, operator regularly change oil or use multiple methods to remove different oil contaminants. The oil change has many hidden costs which can be up to 40 times of the cost of new oil.  These costly practices discourage the operator to perform it hence the oil was left dirty in the machine. As a results, the company face many machine breakdowns and expensive repairs. 

CJC Filter is here to bring the changes!