NIIGATA Swivel Joint is used in a variety of in-plant fluid transfer applications for more than a half century. It permits 360°rotation with smooth flow and enables piping lines to follow movement of any directions that your main facility requires.

Used for more than 50 years, NIIGATA Swivel Joint featured safe and reliable performance in various industries. Niigata also developed an original swivel joint system for submerged service, designed to accommodate draining lines for floating roof tanks. This product has steadily occupied almost 100% share of draining systems in Japan for its safe and reliable operation of floating roof storage tanks. To date, Niigata Floating Roof Tanks Draining Systems have a track record life expectancy of more than 30 Years in operation without issues or leaking incidents.

Double seals

Niigata swivel joint features double seal which a 4 points seal that offers very strong seal against liquid ingression.

Double seal feature also extended to ball plug part.


The X-ring seal is used so that it offer better ‘face sealing’ instead of ‘point sealing’ and the sealing is bidirectional. Its self sealing mechanism triggered by fluid pressure and have strong resistance against external pressure.

The x-ring shape do not twist, thus, offers much longer life than the o-ring shape.


Niigata swivel joint is equipped with metal packing ring. The metal ring will prevent extrusion and twist of the soft packing material.

The shape of the packing also allow self sealing mechanism triggered by fluid pressure.


The ball race area (red colored) get flame hardening treatment to provide necessary material strength against subjected load.

The double row ball race offer higher strength and stability.


The surrounding sealing surface area is cladded with stainless steel to prevent corrosion. This and other features mentioned before had made it possible for Niigata swivel joint life extended more than 30 years of usage without any leaking incident.


Niigata swivel joint has been used with great success for tank roof drainage application. All metal and symmetric structure enable very robust and stable system against the impact of unpredictable movement & elevation of the pontoon, tank wall movement as well as internal fluid flow. Due to fixed nature of the Niigata drainage system, there is no possibility of it to get entangled with other equipment in the tank.

Other applications include tank float suction and hose neck.